Start competing

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fencing is to meet and stay in touch (!) with other fencers at competitions. Regularly participating in competitions helps you develop into a really good fencer. That's why the club wants to support you in your competitive endeavors.

It takes some time to learn the fundamentals of fencing. After about a year of consistent training, most people are ready to start competing. There are many different competitions, primarily local and regional, that could be suitable. LUGI Fencing's coaches can guide you.

During the fall of 2023, we plan to register fencers for several events in the Sydsvenska Cupen, including our own Edling Cup, which will take place during the weekend of October 21-22.



In the spring of 2023, our fencers participated in the following competitions:

Junior Swedish Championships, Kalmar, foil, épée, sabre. Junior (U20)

Senior Swedish Championships, Gothenburg, foil, epee, sabre. Senior, Veteran

Malmö Open, Malmö, épée. U11, U13, U15, Cadet (U17), Junior (U20)

Slaget vid Kärnan, Helsingborg, foil, épée, sabre. U11, U13, U15, Senior

Youth Swedish Championships, Karlskrona, foil, épée, sabre. U11, U13, U15, Cadet (U17)

Malmö International, Malmö, épée. Senior, Veteran