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Daniel Carlstedt Ringius

Dmitriy Li

Emma Månsby Schmidt

Rolf Edling - Emeritus Fencing Master, Lund University Fencing Master until 2008.

Rolf assists both coaches and fencers with his extensive knowledge and experience.

A foil and épée fencer, Olympic, World, Nordic, and Swedish fencing champion, Rolf is considered to be Sweden's greatest epee fencer of all time.

Rolf has won Olympic gold in the team event (1976) and two individual World Championship gold medals (1973 and 1974), as well as three team World Championship gold medals (1974, 1975, and 1977). In addition, he has won five more World Championship medals individually and as part of a team. Rolf has been a Swedish individual champion five times and a team champion five times. In 1973, Rolf was awarded the Svenska Dagbladet Bragdguld.

After his fantastic competitive career, Rolf Edling remained loyal to his club, LUGI, by serving as the club's Fencing Master. Rolf was appointed as the Fencing Master at Lund University shortly after the 1976 Olympics. He graduated as a fencing master in 1980 in Stockholm. During his years as a Fencing Master, he trained both students and adult beginners as well as elite fencers. In conjunction with the club's centenary celebration in 2012, Rolf was awarded the highest distinction from the Swedish Fencing Federation, the Royal Gold Medal of Merit, for his significant and long-standing contributions to Swedish fencing.

Rolf Edling held the position of fencing master until his retirement in 2008. Today, Maestro Rolf continues to work as an emeritus fencing master.