When it comes to LUGI Fäktning's results on International, Nordic or Swedish championships, our club is among the ten most successful fencing clubs in Sweden.

The most outstanding results of the club were achieved by our legend, the Olympic and 5x World Champion, Rolf Edling. In addition to Rolf Edling's Olympic and World Championship medals, LUGI fencers collected 3 Nordic Individual, 13 Nordic Team, 13 Swedish Individual and 9 Swedish Team gold medals.

This page summarizes our top international results and lists all the Nordic and Swedish Champions of the club. Details of all the NM, SM, JNM, JSM medals won by club's fencers are collected on a dedicated page: Lugi medaljer.


 Olympic Champion or medalist: 

 Rolf Edling  (member of the gold épée team in Montreal 1976)

 LUGI fencers at the Olympic Games: 

 Rolf Edling  (4th in Moscow 1980, 6th in Montreal 1976, 5th in Munchen 1972, member of the épée team in Mexico 1968)

 Bobby Malmström  (épée team reserve in Seoul 1988)

 World Champion or medalist: 

 Rolf Edling  (gold ind. épée 1974, 1973, gold team épée 1977, 1975, 1974, silver ind. épée 1977, bronze ind. épée 1971, bronze team épée 1978, 1971, 1969)

 European Champion or medalist: 

 Csenge Kónya  (silver team sabre Cadet European Championship Tallinn 2023)

 World Cup Winner: 

 Rolf Edling  (2x World Cup series winner in épée, 1974 and 1973)

 European Cup Winner: 

 Csenge Kónya  (gold sabre cadet Riposta Cup Bucharest 2023, gold sabre cadet Hunniber Cup Gödöllö 2021)

 LUGI fencers at World, European or Universiade Championships: 

 Csenge Kónya (sabre, Cadet U17 European Championship, Tallinn 2023)

 Emma Öhman (sabre, Cadet U17 European Championship, Tallinn 2023, Novi Sad 2022) 

 Gabriel Frigyesi  (sabre, Cadet U17 European Championship, Novi Sad 2022) 

 Alexander Wagner  (sabre, Universiade Taipei 2018) 

 Simon Enarsson  (foil Universiade Belgrade 2009)

 Anna-Kajsa Kaping  (épée, ind. and team World Championship 1999)

 Charlotte Wahl  (épée, Junior U20 World Championships 1999, 1997)

 John Brante  (foil, Junior U20 World Championship Tenerife 1997)

 Max Hellström  (foil, ind. and team World Championship 1995, ind. and team World Championship 1997, European Championship 1997)

 Sara Nyberg Linderup  (foil, Cadet U17 and Junior U20 World Championship Tournai 1996)

 Bobby Malmström  (épée, ind. and team épée World Championship 1987,  Junior U20 World Championship 1981)

 Lennart Rohlin  (foil, ind. and team World Championship 1983, 1982, 1981, 1978, 1975, 1973, 1969, 1965, 1963)

 Rolf Edling  (épée, ind.  World Championships 1979, 1978, 1975,1970, 1969, 1967)

 Lars Ekstedt  (foil, ind. and team World Championship 1978)

 Per Sundberg  (ind. and team foil World Championship 1973, 1965, épée World Championship 1971, 1969)

 Nordic Champion, individual (NM): 

 Kónya Csenge  (gold sabre 2022)

 Bobby Malmström  (gold épée 1986)

 Lennart Rohlin  (gold foil 1979, 1968)

 Rolf Edling  (gold épée 1973, 1970, 1969)

 Nordic Champion, team (lag-NM): 

 Sweden foil 1981  gold (Lennart Rohlin)

 Sweden foil 1980, 1979 gold (Lennart Rohlin, Lars Ekstedt)

 Sweden épée 1977, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1967  gold (Rolf Edling)

 Sweden foil 1973, 1970  gold (Rolf Edling)

 Sweden foil 1972  gold (Rolf Edling, Ulf Nyström)

 Sweden foil 1968,1966  gold (Rolf Edling, Lennart Rohlin)

 Swedish Champion, individual (SM): 

 Csenge Kónya  (gold sabre 2021)

 Alexander Wagner  (gold sabre 2017)

 Harry Moncreiff  (gold sabre 2016)

 Balázs Kónya  (gold sabre 2014)

 Bobby Malmström  (gold épée 1984)

 Lars Ekstedt  (gold foil 1980)

 Rolf Edling  (gold épée 1977, 1976, 1975, 1969, gold foil 1967)

 Per Sundberg  (gold foil 1969)

 Lennart Rohlin  (gold foil 1968)

 Swedish Champion, team (lag-SM): 

 LUGI sabre 2015  gold (Harry Moncreiff, Balázs Kónya, Alexander Wagner)

 LUGI épée 1999, 1998  gold (Anna-Kajsa Kaping, Charlotte Wahl, Katarina Olausson)

 LUGI foil 1979  gold (Lennarts Rohlin, Torsten Dahn, Lars Ekstedt, Bobby Malmström)

 LUGI foil 1969, 1968, 1967  gold (Rolf Edling, Lennart Rohlin, Per Sundberg, Gerhard Österlin, Anders Malmström)

 LUGI foil 1966  gold (Rolf Edling, Lennart Rohlin, Per Sundberg, Stig Thunell)

 LUGI foil 1965 gold (Rolf Edling, Lennart Rohlin, Arne Löfqvist, Stig Thunell, Magnus Åberg)

 Nordic Youth Champion (JNM): 

 Csenge Kónya  (gold sabre U17 2022)

 Malte Persson  (gold sabre U17 2022)

 Haris Naveed Mumtaz  (gold sabre U13 2022)

 Gabriel Frigyesi  (gold sabre U17 2021)

 Alexander Webb  (gold sabre U15 2017)

 Bobby Malmström  (gold junior épée team 1982)

 Per Sundberg  (gold junior foil team 1969, 1968, gold junior épée team 1969, 1968)

 Lennart Rohlin  (gold junior foil 1964)

 Swedish Youth Champion (JSM, USM): 

 Daniel Carlstedt Ringius (gold sabre U20 2023) 

 Csenge Kónya  (gold sabre U20 2022, gold sabre U15 2019, gold sabre U15 2018)

 Gabriel Frigyesi  (gold sabre U20 2022, gold sabre U17 2021)

 Malte Persson  (gold sabre U15 2022)

 Taisiia Kuzmenko  (gold sabre U13 2022)

 Isak Stenblom  (gold sabre U15 2019) 

 Ingrid Lundgren  (gold sabre junior 2018)

 Leo Kronholm  (gold sabre U13 2017)

 Johannes Liljenström  (gold sabre U15 2017)

 Charlotte Wahl  (gold épée junior 1999)

 John Brante  (gold sabre junior 1999, gold foil junior 1998)

 Anna-Kajsa Kaping  (gold épée U15 1995)

 Per Sundberg  (gold foil junior 1969, gold épée junior 1968, foil junior 1968)

 Veteran Champion (NM,SM): 

 Attila Frigyesi  (gold sabre SM 2019)

 Anton Lundqvist  (gold sabre NM 2018)




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